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Tiffany Hayashi is a 26-year-old artist based in Los Angeles. She first made a name for herself by tweeting out fan art of Journey, a game which greatly influences her work to this day. It caught the attention of the folks at ThatGameCompany, who took her in as an art intern over the summer. The following year, she graduated from Art Center College College of Design as class valedictorian. Mere days after the ceremony, she was hired by Disney Interactive. 2018 marks her third year at the company. Business and academic accolades aside, Tiffany spends much of her personal time as “PurpleAlmonds”, a creative streamer on Twitch. She enjoys the company of her others as she works on her latest passion projects, ranging from full blown movie-style posters and fanzines, to short animations. It takes a lot to truly compel her, but when she finds her muse, she certainly pulls all the stops to create something meaningful.