Tiffany Hayashi is an artist specializing in mobile games based in Los Angeles, California. 


In 2014, she interned at ThatGameCompany and worked on their first mobile game, Sky: Children of the Light. A year later, she graduated from Art Center College of Design as the valedictorian. She is currently employed Walt Disney Games.

In her spare time, she hosts art streams on her Twitch channel and goes by the online moniker of "PurpleAlmonds".




Freelance (2021)

Worked closely with internal communications managers Erin Fan and Sarah Irvin to illustrate a cover page for a cookbook.


Freelance (2018)

Worked closely with community manager Kyle Redington and interior design manager Krystle Louie to create three murals for the cafe and dish drop areas of the new Twitch HQ.


Art Intern (2014)

Worked with art director “Jacky” Ke Jiang, creative director Jenova Chen, and production artist Yui Tanabe to produce screenshot paintovers, character designs, and environment concept art during early development for Sky: Children of The Light. Created the original concept which later inspired the final logo design for the game.


Guest Streamer (2021)

Invited by Status Effect founder Joe Rowley to host The Gallery, a Sea of Thieves Television show streamed on the official Twitch channel showcasing creatives within the community.

About Sea of Thieves TV

Sea of Thieves Twitch

Walt Disney Games

Artist (2015–Present)

Worked in the pre-production, production, and post-production of various mobile, console, and computer games in collaboration with in–house producers, game designers, writers, and art leads; as well as representatives from various external developers.


Art production tasks include but not limited to generating UI assets, mockups, and flow charts; character and environment concepts; marketing images such as app icons, key art, screenshots, and logo designs; and providing both drawn and written feedback for assets created by external vendors.


Art lead tasks involve attending regular sync–up meetings with external developers around the globe; working closely with producers and franchise owners to facilitate art asset tracking and approval pipeline; and researching for and creating art direction documents.


Affiliate Streamer (2017–Present)

Part–time art streamer on Twitch. Created custom emotes, loyalty badges, stream overlays, panels, and promo images; maintained a steady queue of content; utilized OBS Studio and its associated plugins; and leveraged various stream bots to enhance the streaming experience.


Art Center College of Design


Bachelor of Fine Art in Illustration - Entertainment Art

Valedictorian Graduating with Distinction GPA 3.96





Adobe Photoshop | Adobe Illustrator | Adobe InDesign | Google Sketchup | OBS Studio | JIRA | Trello | Airtable

Maya | Adobe Premiere

English | Mandarin



Sea of Thieves - A Pirate's Life (2021) - Art Lead

Vodafone Neo (2021) - Background Artist

Garmin Vivofit Jr (2020) - Art Lead

Toy Story Drop (2020) - Art Lead

Disney Princess Majestic Quest (2020) - Art Lead

Frozen Adventures (2019) - Art Lead

Incredibles 2 Stickers (2018) - Art Lead

Sorcerer's Arena (2018) - Artist

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode (2018) - Artist

Thor Ragnarok Sticker (2017) - Art Lead

Lenovo Star Wars Jedi Challenges (2017) - Artist

Star Wars Puzzle Droids (2017) - Artist

Cars Lighting League (2017) - Marketing Artist

Marvel End Time Arena (2017) - Artist

Frozen Free Fall Icy Shot (2016) - Artist

Cinderella Free Fall (2015) - Art Intern

Frozen Free Fall (2015) - Art Intern

Sky: Children of Light (2013) - Art Intern


Twitch Cooking With #The-Kitchen (2021) - Cover Art

CrankGameplays Body Pillow (2021) - Double-Sided Pillowcase Design

Twitch San Francisco HQ Murals (2018) - Dish Drop Area & Cafe Murals


Unus Annus Collab Project (2021) - Thumbnail & Livestream Art

Pulse Fanzine (2020) - Project Manager, Logo Design, Book Layout, and Contributor

Rusty Quill Surprise (2020) - Project Manager & Contributor

Good Omens Big Bang (2019) - Illustrations, Book Layout