• The client must use English to the best of their ability as this is the artist's native language.

  • The client must treat the artist respectfully before, during, and after correspondences regarding the commission. This includes but is not limited to avoiding aggressive behaviors, racial/sexist slurs, and excessive spamming.

  • If the artist feels they are being disrespected in any way, they will issue a single warning to cease. If the disrespect persists, the commission will be terminated with a partial refund, if any at all, and deny the offending party any future services.

  • If the client has a dispute or disagreement with the artist regarding the commission, it must be negotiated and resolved privately. Any attempts to call out or otherwise harass the artist about the matter in a public space will result in an immediate termination of the commission without refund.



  • The payment must be made through a PayPal invoice from the artist.

  • Only payments in USD via PayPal are accepted.

  • Unless otherwise discussed, payment must be received in full before the commission is started.

  • Payment will only be accepted at the appropriate time, not before or after the time window.

  • The client is responsible for covering the PayPal transaction fee, which is calculated when the invoice is created.

  • Additional payments for revisions must be paid in full before the artist proceeds with the commission.

  • To the best of their ability, the client must disclose any pertinent information concerning the commission up front. This includes but is not limited to the usage, timeline/deadlines, and budget as this will affect the pricing.

  • Pricing will vary based on whether the commissioned work will be used for commercial or personal purposes.

  • Please refer to the Prices page for more information on prices for common commissions.



  • Full refunds will only be given before the start of the commission.

  • The client has 24 hours to ask for a partial refund once the artist has started the work. The refund amount will be reduced depending on the work completed.



  • Any content that breaches the Twitch Terms of Service may not be commissioned.

  • The artist will not draw content of the following nature:

    • Sexually Explicit

    • Excessively Violent 

    • Abusive

    • Anti-LGBTQ+/Racist

  • For commercial work or any work where the client will gain monetary profit from the commissioned artwork, the artist cannot draw canon characters existing in games, shows, cartoons, movies, etc. The client’s original characters within the franchise, however, are acceptable.



  • The client does not own the commissioned artwork(s); they are paying for the service of its creation and are only permitted to use the artwork(s) in the context that were disclosed in the commission form. 

  • The artist owns the rights to the artwork(s), and can choose to display it in public galleries, or not at all.

  • Commissioned artwork(s) may not minted or sold as NFTs. 

  • If the the commissioned artwork(s) is altered or repurposed in any way, the client first contact the artist for explicit written permission, and in some cases additional payment before sharing it in a public space.




  • Prior to beginning the commissioning process, the client is highly encouraged to examine commission samples and gallery to have a better grasp of what services the artist can provide.


  • Before filling out the commission form, the client thoroughly reads and understands the TERMS OF SERVICE.

  • The client fills out a COMMISSION FORM via Google Forms listed on the Prices page.

  • Once the form is completed, the client will receive an automated email confirmation that their form is submitted.

  • If the client is unable to attach reference images in the COMMISSION FORM, they will be asked by the artist to send them before the commission is fully processed.


  • If the artist has further questions about the commission which may affect the pricing, the client will be contacted with follow-up questions before a quote is provided. 

  • Once the commission is approved, the client will receive a quote breaking down the total cost of the commission.

  • If the client does not respond within 72 hours, the artist will follow up to inquire if the client still wants to go through with the commission. 

  • The client has one week from the sharing of the quote to respond to the artist before their commission is archived. 

  • Once the quote is agreed upon, the artist will prepare a PayPal invoice. The amount owed will be slightly higher, as the client is also responsible for covering the PayPal transaction fee. The client sends payment only after the artist sends the PayPal invoice.

  • The artist will start on the commission shortly after the invoice is paid in full. 



  • The commission may be subject to delays and time limits, though the artist will warn the client if this occurs. 


  • The artist will present ideation sketches with a rough color pass to the client.

  • If needed, revisions can be made and discussed over email or Discord DMs.


  • The artist will begin rendering the commissioned artwork to completion. 

  • The artist will present work in progress of the commissioned artwork(s) at regular intervals.

  • Once the commissioned artwork is complete with client approval, the client will receive the high resolution commissioned artwork.